Nice profile piece on KUAT

Great footage of Peter's MOCA show!


NY Times Review of 2012 Algus Greenspon show (NYC)

 By Roberta Smith:

PETER YOUNG - A Chronology of the Work

Art Forum, April, 1971

Peter Young was born January 1, 1940 in Pittsburgh, grew up in Los
Angeles, studied at Pomona College for two years, and came to New York
in I960. After working for two or three months at the Art Students League
under Stephen Greene and Theodore Stamps, he entered York University

Interview with Brooklyn Rail

Last year, Peter worked with Ben LaRocco at the Brooklyn Rail in order to provide this informative biographical sketch. Want to know more about Peter? Click here!


Kandy-Colored Dot-Flake Streamline Maverick

This article from the New York Times critic Roberta Smith ran August 3, 2007 on the front page of the Arts section. It had such great photos of Peter and a few of his paintings. While we hope to eventually have all of Peter's reviews online for your viewing pleasure, this one pretty much ranks as the best ever!

Here is the PDF of the article, courtesy of Häusler Contemporary and the NY Times.