Peter Lately

As some of you know, Peter spends a lot of time performing humanitarian service work. He's been working as of late with repatriated migrants at a small, volunteer-staffed center in Naco, Arizona, right across the border from Bisbee. Summer is a deadly time of year for migrants, and Peter is committed to making sure they get the care they need after being dumped off by the Border Patrol.

In other news, he has also been painting again! Inspired by an installation from his show in Munich, he's been using old paint chips and painting with them in a whole new way. He's likely to show these in 2009 in Zurich- we'll put details about that show when we get them. Again, Hausler Contemporary is likely to host his work in Switzerland. 

For now, he's busy in his garden, harvesting and drying chiles, weeding out the decaying sunflowers, and planning to go to his high school reunion.